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The Umbrella 

The Umbrella 1 & 2 are the best and fastest browser app for Widows 10.                                                                                              You can connect all your social media profiles and change with one click. Play music in a special way in the background and use your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitch, Dribbble, GIPHY, XOOM, Messaging apps, News apps, Mails apps, Cloud Apps, Money transfer apps.                                                It`s very simple.                                                                                            In The Umbrella 1 just drag the links to the green browser and post or share on any of your social media profiles.            In The Umbrella 2 just drag the links between the two screens and post, share or mail to any social media account.                                                                                                        130 Most used platforms on NET. More than 130 profiles in one App.                                                                                                  The Umbrella doesn`t provide a login, doesn`t use cookies, and doesn`t collect user data.                                                                  For Download and Install you need Microsoft account.                                                                







The Umbrella 1  Play music

The  Umbrella 1

The Umbrella 2

Facebook & Messanger 

Twitter & Twitter

Instagram & Twitter

Instagram & Pinterest

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